Bass Pro prepares to clear legal hurdles

You've seen the plans the Bass Pro Shops pitched for the Pyramid, but these renderings are just the first step. The company will now have to clear a couple of hurdles.

The drawing unveiled by Bass Pro Shops that shows some of what the company wants to put outside the Pyramid when they open their store includes a big fish canopy and an inclinator shaped like a fishing lure.

"It's zoned for everything except establishing a residence," said Allen Medlock of Memphis City Code Enforcement.

Bass Pro Shops isn't sure about all it wants to put in the Pyramid. Right now the company is doing something called "due diligence" before it signs the contract that would be binding. One consideration for the arena is whether the weight of the larger structures inside the building can be supported by the arena.

The city's chief financial officer, Robert Lipscomb said Monday he doesn't know of any seismic issues the Pyramid might have.

"They are checking out the facility making sure at the end of the day the facility can support all the things they want to do in there," Lipscomb said, "making sure there are no seismic issues; making sure that they can get the financing in place."

Bass Pro Shops has to look at the Pyramid and decide how much it can hold. The company wants to put a hotel and possibly a swamp inside the Pyramid. All of that can get pretty heavy.

There's also question of the agreement with the Grizzlies should something happen to the FedEx Forum. Right now the Pyramid is the back up arena. Lipscomb said the city has to come up with an alternative. He said arenas in Little Rock and Nashville are possibilities.