Battle brews over Collierville development

We had a lot of mixed reaction over the resoning debate, but in the end, it seems tonight's meeting was all for naught.

The hearing over new housing development in the Shea Road area of Collierville was not without conflict. Conflict over what resident Jack Gentry calls ethical concerns.

"Current business relationships that are in effect with members of the planning commission and the developer," said Gentry, a Collierville resident.

The city administrator says there was no conflict of interest regarding Developer David Halle and the board. The mayor says they've looked into all allegations.

Residents also sounded off on infrastructure concerns.

"Density and the traffic and the impact on the environment and the ability to handle water, sewage, etcetera," said Doug Hip Collierville resident.

But city engineers say they found nothing that would make them want to deny rezoning. And others, like longtime resident Thomas Shepard, showed strong support for the project.

"I think that Dave Halle ought to be congratulated," said Shepard.

In the end, the alderman voted unanimously to uphold the decision to rezone.

"I'm not surprised," said Gentry. "We kind of expected this to go the way it did."

But he says the battle is not over yet.