Herenton supporters speak out

"When you stand up and tell the truth, you make enemies," says Charlie Morris.

Morris has lived in Memphis for more than 60 years. He's raised a family, ran a business, and ran for office. He says he's too old to mince words.

"I think it's stupid," says Morris.

He's talking about the current effort to recall Willie Herenton. He's a man Morris considers to be one of the city's best mayors.

"He is a mayor for all the people," says Morris.

That's something with which Mayor Herenton takes pride. He has bragged before about his support out in the neighborhoods. It's support from people who you don't see every night on TV. Herenton referred to them as "real people" during a January Q & A session.

"I'm not talking about the bourgeois, the hypocrites," said Herenton. "I'm talking about real people--they respect me," he added.

You can count Nate Jackson among them.

"I support the mayor based on the record he's done in this community," says Jackson.

He considers the recall effort a waste of time.

"I don't believe they stand a chance," says Jackson.

Charlie Morris's advice to Herenton haters is a little more grand-fatherly.

"Deal with the positive and push the negative aside," says Morris. "You'll find that this will be a better city for all of us to live in," he adds.

Herenton supporters say if you don't like the job he's doing, simply vote against him in the next election