Habitat for Hope Finds Family a New Home

D'Anna Holmes and her infant son Mason evacuated New Orleans one week after he was diagnosed with liver cancer. St. Jude Children's Research Hospital took the family in and gave Mason the proper treatment. But with  treatment over the pair needed a new place to stay. Enter Habitat for Hope.

D'Anna Holmes got the first look at her new apartment Wednesday. It literally took her breath away. "I feel like I'm about to pass out," said Holmes. "I gotta catch my breath."

Habitat for Hope, a non-profit organization founded by Mark Horrocks, worked out a deal with Uptown Square Apartments. "He told me his story and how he wanted to try to get something close to St. Jude for these families," said leasing agent Misty Hill.

St. Jude is within walking distance of the apartments. Hill was happy to work as the go-between for Holmes and Habitat for Hope's founder. "I thought about Mark," said Hill, "I called him and I got them in contact and it pretty much happened from there."

Habitat for Hope will make sure the rent is paid..the utilities turned on..so Holmes doesn't have to. "Me and my mom were trying to figure out you know old things she had, things people from our church could donate. And he told me all that would be supplied. It's just like oh gosh! It brought tears to my eyes."

Now Holmes can focus on her son's health and their future in Memphis.

Habitat for Hope was founded by a married couple who's daughter was diagnosed with cancer and treated at St. Jude. For more information on the organization click on the following link: http://www.habitatforhope.org