Collierville man charged with 12 counts of child rape

Leslie Moore will be arraigned in a Collierville court Thursday.
Leslie Moore will be arraigned in a Collierville court Thursday.

A Mid-South man faces a dozen rape charges, and police say children are his victims.

Leslie Moore is at the Collierville City Jail waiting to be arraigned Thursday on 12 counts of child rape.

Neighbors we talked with say he was weird, and a few said they weren't surprised by his arrest. On Wolf Trap Street in Collierville, Leslie Moore was known as the odd man on the block. Anita Elam said she wondered about Moore from the day she moved in.

"He gave me the creeps," she said. "I never saw him really outside of his house unless there were children around."

Elam said she had concerns about the 55-year-old man spending so much time playing with children, climbing trees with them, playing in a fort, even spending hours talking to little girls on the street corner.

"Or he'd sit on that bench over there and comb little girl's hair," she said. "just like not behavior for an adult."

Elam told her children they weren't allowed to play at Moore's home. She warned other parents in the neighborhood about her suspicions.

With Moore in jail for allegedly raping two girls under the age of 13, neighbors said their thoughts are with those girls families.

Moore is being held on a $1 million bond. Collierville Police said he has no prior record, and they are urging any other of Moore's alleged victims to come forward.