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Committee accepts finding of additional improper votes

The number of illegal votes discovered in September's Senate District 29 election keep adding up. State Election Coordinator Brook Thompson announced Tuesday that officials had found three more felons that voted in the election.

Wednesday, a special ad hoc committee in Nashville accepted that finding, pushing the total to 12 confirmed improper votes, one short of the 13 votes Democrat Ophelia Ford beat Republican Terry Roland by.

Senate Majority leader Ron Ramsey, who serves on the ad hoc committee, is leading the push oust Senator Ford.

"If we have 13 votes now, I think it will be something that will be a vote of all the senators to oust," Ramsey said.

Senator Ophelia Ford said she was shocked the committee accepted the three new votes discovered by the state.

"I'm disappointed and surprised too," she said. "I don't think this election is different from any other. It just so happened mine got contested."

Republicans contend 44 other voters cast votes out of their district. Ben Cantrell, Special Counsel to the senate committee, said he should know in a week how he will proceed with those voters. It could mean a trip to Memphis, where the voters could defend their residency.

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