McDonald's employees held at gunpoint

Teenage workers and their manager were on duty at the McDonald's on Hacks Cross Monday night when customers of a different kind came in armed with more than an appetite.

"One of the suspects was armed with an assault rifle," says Sgt. V. Dollahite with the Shelby County Sheriff's Dept. "Similar to an AK-47 assault rifle," he adds.

It was all played out on surveillance video inside the store. The super-sized weapon is clearly visible.

"This probably wasn't their first robbery to commit," says Dollahite.

He says restaurant employee Andre Dean allegedly made it happen by conspiring with Germantown High buddy Jacques Davis and two others. But Dollahite says Dean was the deal maker.

"He sees the day to day operation, the customer flow," says Dollahite. "And gets a good idea to how much money might be there," he adds.

The detective says the employee came out the back door, pretended he was taking out the trash, and met the other robbers in the rear parking lot.

Detective Dollahite says the "inside man" pretended to be a victim too when the gang entered the restaurant. Other employees and the manager were told to get on the ground as the safe was cleaned out.

"The get away car circled the lot while they were doing the robbery, then left and hit the interstate," says Dollahite.

Two of the suspects haven't been seen since.

It is possible this armed robbery could be tied to others in this area. Authorities won't know for sure until the two remaining suspects are in custody. Call 528-CASH if you can help catch them.