Security in Midtown getting personal

Security in one Midtown neighborhood could soon get personal !

There's talk of neighbors paying for patrols in Central Gardens!

Melanie White moved to Central Gardens 20 years ago...and she couldn't be happier!

"What I love here is everybody lives in their front yard -- it's a neighborhood", says White

And like people in most neighborhoods...homeowners in Central Gardens are no strangers to crime...especially when the weather gets nice.

White says, "Our urns will start disappearing and our porch furniture...which is why we all have what

I call Midtown chains...the furniture is chained to the porch...but it's chic!"

Melanie does more than chain chairs...

She also sends email alerts to neighbors warning them about car break-ins and back alley burglaries.

Now she's spear-heading an effort to hire security service for her neighborhood -- a sort of personal patrol.

White says, "If you have a security patrol that's dedicated to your neighborhood they can come immediately where as that kind of thing does not fall high on the priority list for dispatchers downtown."

"the cost is very minimal actually"

John Rauscher manages Titan Security...

a firm that supplies armed officers to neighborhoods like Central Gardens.

Raushcer says, "The biggest goal would be to have a visible deterrent that would be the main goal to actually have a security company for a neighborhood patrol."

Private security firms work WITH local law enforcement...allowing their guards to detain suspected criminals...until a police officer arrives on the scene.

Neighbors have 24-hour access to help that is sometimes just seconds away.

"Outside of having our 24-hour dispatch, they would actually be able to contact the security officer that's patrolling their streets."

It's a luxury Melanie White hopes will become reality in Central Gardens.

White says, "The police have told us over and over again, you're the eyes and ears of our police force..."

A force that may soon have more help in one Midtown neighborhood.

Melanie White could learn this weekend whether her neighborhood watch group wants to go the private security route.

She says she couldn't be more pleased with officers at the West Precinct...a private patrol is simply the next step in keeping Central Gardens safe.