Crime at the movies

Many of us spend a lot of time and money at the movies...

But while you're picking the latest flick...crooks could be picking your locks...and it happens more often than you may think!

For years, surveillance cameras have captured crooks taking in more than just the latest flick at Memphis movie theaters!

A simple search of the MPD database....turns up dozens of one involving Anthony Hopkins!

Crooks hit Hopkins' car during a recent stop at the Palace Cinema on Summer...taking his radio, 30 cd's, and the driver's-side window!

It's not uncommon!

Car break-ins top the list of crimes committed outside local theaters.

Malco theaters -- like the Majestic -- use dozens of surveillance cameras and security patrols to cut down on crime.

A Malco spokesperson calls the incident rate quote, "...minute considering the large amount of customer visits each year."

Bottom line, next time you plan on watching the big screen...ask the ticket-taker who's watching out for you!