Convenience store operators keep guns at work

Two men are in police custody in connection with a robbery and murder at a mid-south grocery store.

Store Clerk James Puckett was shot to death Tuesday night during a struggle with a D.J's Grocery Store in Binghampton.

As the two men took off from the store, another store clerk pulled a gun out from behind the counter and shot at the them.

Police picked up the two men shortly after the a hospital suffering from gunshot wounds.

The day after two armed robbers stormed DJ's grocery and killed a clerk, the store is quiet.

The owner's father - John Taylor - told me he doesn't bring a gun to work but - says - he's probably the only one.

Taylor says, "I'm probably the only one that do... that's got a business like this and don't have a gun."

The people who work in this neighborhood seem to be living in fear.

At Tillman Foods, many of the customers are children, but manager Ibssa Mohammad says he always keeps a gun behind the counter. Sometimes, he keeps it stuck in his waistband.

Mohammmad says, "You never know what's gonna happen. But the police precinct is right down the street. I know... a lot of things happen. Police is outside. It can happen right in front of the police station. So you never know what's gonna happen, you know.">

"It's just dangerous," Mohammad says

Down the block at Time Saver #3, store owner Sonda Chatman has one too.

When asked if Chatman kept a gun behind the counter, she replied yes. She says she keeps a gun behind the counter because people are dangerous.

Chatman says the cameras and the police don't scare away the threat...

She says, "I think the police can't do the job by themselves. I think that we as people have to help them do the job."

To Mohammad, it's even more simple.

He replies, "We gotta just take care of ourselves, you know. Careful."

We crime tracked the neighborhood where these clerks work...

In the last month...there have been 26 burglaries,

4 Aggravated Assaults, and 12 Robberies