Vandals trash Hamilton High School

Workers spent much of Thursday chiseling out broken glass and trying to repair holes kicked into several Hamilton High School walls. The damage was caused by two students who went on a rampage late Wednesday night.

One heavily damaged area was a learning lab used to prepare students for the crucial Gateway exam. Computer monitors were broken, and a big screen TV was smashed.

Principal Isaac White said the damage will hinder preparations for a test that's coming up soon. "It's mostly a teachers station where the teacher can demonstrate how to use the T-180 calculator in Algebra One to solve the equation," he said.

In another room, the vandals got personal. Teacher Moriesha Burton said her family pictures were smashed and destroyed. "It takes it to another level," she said. "It disturbed me when I walked in here, my head started hurting. I was frustrated."

Thursday morning, two freshman students were arrested. The fact that this was an inside job is disappointing to school staff like Vince McCaskill. "You have someone to come in and destroy the technological tools we have to help kids," McCaskill said. "It's very frustrating, but we must go on, and will go on."

While the mess is being cleaned up now, the question is how long it will take to replace the tools teachers and students need.