Millington turned over Buchanan

There was no answer at the home of former Shelby County EMA Director Clint Buchanan when we came calling Thursday night. He has not made a public statement since being indicted. He was indicted on charges Millington Police Chief Richard Jewell heard first hand.

"I would say inappropriate sexual advances," says Jewell.

It's been nearly five months since Buchanan's alleged victim walked into the police station and spilled her guts.

"She was very upset," says Jewell. She said she endured sexual advances from Buchanan on two separate occasions.

"You're in a position of authority with the government and you're trying to impose your will on somebody because of your position of authority--that's serious," says Jewell.

Chief Jewell says the woman wanted to be a reserve firefighter when she met Buchanan, who was in charge of administering EMS tests throughout West Tennessee. The woman reported the alleged problems to Millington's fire chief. He took the charges to Millington Police. The police chief later turned the case over to the TBI.

"I'm just glad she reported it," says Jewell.

He says a willing victim is crucial to any case.

"It helps as far as prosecution of the case and, of course, it may stop somebody from some type of behavior like that," says Jewell.

Chief Jewell says the case was turned over to the TBI because Buchanan was working for the state at the time of these allegations. No state agencies will discuss the details of the case against Buchanan.