Radio and television host Tavis Smiley visits the Mid-South

Nationally syndicated radio and TV talk show host Tavis Smiley spread the word in the Mid-South Thursday night...about the Covenant with Black America.

Tavis Smiley has the number one book in America right now. In fact, there was barely room to breathe Thursday night inside St. Andrew AME church as hundreds came to hear his message.

Those who came to hear Tavis Smiley speak without a copy of The Covenant for a Black America were either given one or bought one.

The book has become somewhat of a blueprint for making black America better.

City councilman Rickey Peete was the only African American elected office selected to serve on a panel of local leaders.

Peete says, "I was extended the invitation last week and I consider it to be a tremendous honor."

Peete made no excuses for his many absent political colleagues who he accused of putting power over progress.

He responded, "We used to identify the enemy with white sheets, now we have the enemy in pin stripes suits."

Including Memphis on Smiley's 10 city covenant tour was no accident.

Smiley says, "There are a lot of folk in black america that think a piece of us died on that balcony with Dr. King, what better place to resurrect his spirit."

Smiley says Hurricane Katrina was the mother of all wake up calls.

Smiley responds, "And its our responsibility to take control in a post Katrina world where we know that we do not yet live in a nation that is as good as its promise."