District 29 Election Controversy continues

Area lawmakers were back in town Friday.  The Senate District 29 election controversy still top of mind.

"I don't think you'll see the senate acting next week, but I think you'll see more action next week," says Sen. Mark Norris of Collierville.

A special counsel is currently working on a recommendation on how the Senate should proceed.  Some have even encouraged a trip to Memphis.

"To actually interview some of the voters where votes may be have been tossed out because of improper residency and other irregularities," says Norris.

Earlier this week, a special Senate committee confirmed three more fraudulent votes.  That brought the total to 12.

Ophelia Ford won the District 29 race by just 13 votes.

"You're down to a one-vote margin," says Norris.

Senator Ford may be closer than ever to being ousted.

"I don't think its any thing different that's happened in any other elections that has taken place, It just so happens mine got contested," said Ford during an interview on Wednesday.

A majority of Ophelia Ford's senate colleagues have already voted to void her win.  Many believe any final vote will go much the same way.  No matter what happens, Senator Norris says the decision should stand.

"Because under our constitution, the state senate is the sole arbiter of who is qualified to serve," says Norris.