Plans for Graceland renovation continue

We are learning more about proposed changes to Graceland.

The Heartbreak Hotel and the Graceland welcome center are set for demolition. They would be replaced by among other things two 400 room hotels...

"If they make it a resort it'll bring more people in. It would be real nice for the area here," said Blaine Madere a visitor at Graceland.

Its part of a plan by Elvis's new owner to turn Graceland into a multi-day attraction. Robert Sillerman met with Mayor A-C Wharton.

"He does have a firm drawing and written up plan this is much beyond something in his mind," said Mayor Wharton.

While a spokesperson for Sillerman's company CKX declined to show us the drawing, We did confirm changes will also include adding convention space, an entertainment complex, restaurants, shops, an outdoor amphitheater and a spa. The project would encompass 80 acres in Whitehaven.

"Just like Beale Street and the Forum will anchor recovery on the southside, I really do believe this has the prospect of being the anchor, the retail anchor that will serve as the launching point for full economic, particularly on the retail side for Whitehaven," said Mayor Wharton.

Businessman Fred Jones also met with Sillerman. He says the plans to reinvent Graceland will have a huge impact on us all.

"It would give people from around the country, from around the world for that matter another big reason to come to Memphis," said businessman Fred Jones Jr.

But fans want to make one thing very clear: Don't mess with the house.

"As long as they don't change anything in Graceland, I wouldn't mind," said Louise Goodwin.

We've been told the integrity of the home will be preserved. No timeline for the improvements has been released. The Heartbreak Hotel is currently undergoing renovations and is still open for business.