Tigers Need Focus for C-USA

The Memphis Tigers hope an extra days work with a first round bye will help them re-focus on putting teams away..

Now ranked 5th in the nation, U of M players see what a couple of sub-par performances can do to them in the polls...

Another like effort could end their season.

Head Coach John Calipari says;

<"We're looking at ways to do things in practice for guys to get their roles a little bit better. To do what they have to form this team better. You know we're slipping in that area. We're gonna watch the whole game tape of that Houston game and it's ugly. You think just the beginning is ugly, it's ugly.">

Rice and SMU get festivities underway Wednesday, Noon at FedExForum..

Followed by Tulsa vs SMU at 2:30.

Tulane and Marshall hook up at 6...

The Nightcap, UCF against East Carolina.. 8:30pm at FedExForum.