Say "NO" to panhandling campaign starts today

The message is simple... Just say NO to panhandlers! Memphis leaders will kick-off a special campaign later today.

The Center City Commission Memphis is encouraging everyone to just say "NO" to panhandling. Later today, the the C.C.C is launching a educational campaign to discourage people from giving money to panhandlers. Center City Commission board member Paul Morris says panhandling is the number one complaint he gets from residents, business owners and tourists.

The "just say no to panhandling campaign" encourages people who are tempted, to find another use for their money. According to the Center City Commission, this campaign is just the beginning. They are also working with Memphis Police to get more officers downtown, something they say has significantly curbed panhandling in other cities.

Just a reminder.. Panhandling after dark is illegal, as is aggressive report it, call 575-0556... The Center City Commission has also created an information web page on panhandling. You can find the link in the "I saw it on Action News Five" section of Again today at 2 the Center City Commission will hold a kick off to the campaign right here in Court Square. The Message is to Say No to panhandling: say yes to charities to help the homeless and needy.