Man hospitalized after finding apparent meth lab

The last thing Sheena Askov expected to find outside her Memphis apartment was a meth lab.

"It's obvious there's kids here," she said. "It's irrisponsible."
It was blue plastic trash can that raised Askov's suspicions Wednesday morning.  The can was sitting above a drainage culvert between two apartment complexes on Sharon Drive, near Sam Cooper Blvd.

"My husband went to go check it out, and when he pulled it out it was a plastic bag and a big case can with a tube coming out of it," Askov said.  She said what was inside that trash can immediately made him sick.

"He started throwing up and he couldn't breath," she said. "His eyes were watering really bad, and he was just feeling weird. He said his skin was crawling."
An MPD team dedicated to Meth Lab detection and removal was called in, because the chemicals used to make meth are very dangerous, and can even be explosive if mishandled.
Resident Angie Aubertin and others in the complex were very angry someone left the lab remnants behind.

"Drugs are overtaking our world," she said. "Why put it where somebody else can get it?  if you're gonna do something, dispose of it where nobody can get of it."
Residents said because of the incident, they'll keep a closer eye out on what goes on around them.