Bush visits hurricane-damaged Gulf Coast for progress report

NEW ORLEANS (AP) - President Bush returned today to a still-suffering Gulf Coast where boarded-up houses, "No Trespassing" signs, stray dogs and streets sullied by unattended debris offered a chilling portrait of pain six months after Hurricane Katrina struck.

Many residents are frustrated and angry that more progress hasn't been made. Bush's trip, his tenth since the hurricane hit, is aimed at three problem areas: efforts to restore the ravaged New Orleans levees, removing still-persistent debris from affected communities and lagging efforts to get people back in their homes.

One of the worst natural disasters in U-S history, Katrina killed more than 13-hundred people in Louisiana, Mississippi and Alabama, left hundreds of thousands of people homeless and caused tens of (b) billions of dollars in damage.

After landing in New Orleans, Bush's got an eye-opening reminder of just how much work remains as he observed from aloft a city still in a mess. After his visit to New Orleans, Bush will fly east to view progress in the Biloxi-Gulfport area of Mississippi.

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