Mid-South teen dies in Tuesday auto accident

A deadly crash Tuesday night claimed the life of a Mid-South teenager.

The crash happened just before 10pm on Dexter Road near Germantown Parkway. Three teenagers were in the car, including the 18-year-old driver, a 17-year-old passenger in the front seat, and 14-year-old Derandon Stewart, who died in the crash.

Police investigators said Wednesday it is not clear what caused the accident. The road is straight, and they don't believe weather was a factor.

"Some witnesses to scene said the car was possibly driving erratically before the impact," said Memphis Police Major H.E. Sullivan. "That's something we are going to have to look at that's still under investigation."

Sullivan also said the car will also reveal clues about why the accident happened. The back seat where DeRandon Stewart was sitting is crushed, and investigators said for some reason the car rotated counter clockwise, causing the rear impact that killed Stewart.

Investigators have no evidence another car was involved, but relatives of the victim say another car swerved, causing the accident.