Colonial Middle students take pills

It's something no parent wants to hear from their child after school.

"I got kind of scared and started crying," says one student.

She was upset after five of her Colonial Middle School classmates took some pills they shouldn't have. Parents were pretty upset too.

"From what I've heard, it's very disturbing," says Lucy Treanor.

At least one ambulance was called to the school Wednesday after the students swallowed the pills. Memphis Police are still trying to determine what kind of pills they were. They do believe the pills were prescription.

"I'm glad they got them and did take them to the hospital and are aware of what's going on," says parent Maxie Shields.

Others say parents need to pay closer attention to what's going on at home.

"It's like when you lock up a gun, now we've got to lock up our medications and that's my next step," says Treanor.

She has two grand-daughters who attend Colonial.

"This incident here is a wake-up call," says Treanor. "I'm telling my girls constantly don't take anything, not even food unless it's from home or the cafeteria, because I'm afraid of something like this happening," she adds.

Memphis City Schools have a zero tolerance policy when it comes to drugs on campus. The "prescription" for these students could be expulsion.

Criminal charges are also possible in this case. That will depend on what kind of prescription drugs were involved and how they got on campus.