Mid-South candidate speaks out

A Mid-South candidate for congress is so controversial he has to wear a bulletproof vest on the campaign trail. Now, even his own party wants him off the ballot.

James Hart is betting he'll be booted. "Presumably, if they determine that I'm not a bona fide Republican, they're going to remove my name from the ballot," he says.

This is not about core party values. It's not really a political story.

It's simple. James Hart is running for congress and, according to some, he is a racist.

"He's a racist bigot," says Shelby County Republican Party Chair Bill Giannini. "He's an embarrassment to humanity and we'll do anything we can to make sure he's not on the ballot as a Republican."

Here's what he's talking about:

"The races are not equal. They have a different IQ, a different brain size," says Hart. "The genes of less-favored races are destroying our cities no less than if they were hit by a nuclear bomb."

Two years ago - in 2004 - Hart ran for this same post. He won the primary because - even he admits - no one saw him coming. He spent the campaign season knocking on doors with a bulletproof vest.

"Custom made. Cost eight-hundred some dollars," he told us at the time. "Because I'm afraid somebody will shoot me. Ha ha."

Hart lost the general election, but he got 60,000 votes.

Now, he's running again. "Unless we stop integration and welfare, the whole United State will look like one great big Detroit," he says.

Political leaders like Gianinni worry some Republicans will be confused and vote blindly along party lines.
That's why they want him off their ticket.

On March 25th, the executive board of the state republican party will meet to vote on whether Hart is in or out.

The District 8 congressional seat is currently held by Democrat John Tanner. The district begins in West Tennessee and Millington and covers communities including - to the North - Brownsville, Jackson, Dyersburg and Union City. The qualifying deadline for this race is April 6th.