State Senators decide against interviewing voters

New information tonight about the election controversy that put Ophelia Ford in office.

Tennessee State Senators will not make a trip to Memphis to interview challenged voters. Those 44 voters in the District 29 special election will not get a chance to have a face to face meeting with anyone to prove their residency.

That was decided today in a Senate Ad Hoc Committee in Nashville.

Senator Ophelia Ford sat in the Senate chambers attending to business before making it downstairs to the Senate Ad Hoc Committee investigating the Senate District 29 election.

"We're going to move as judiciously as possible, but in the proper way," said Sen. Michael Williams, (R)Manardville.

After much debate, the Senate committee decided on the advice of their attorney to send a registered letter with a notice advising recipients to fill out an affidavit listing their address, when they voted in District 29 and advising that the voter should get the information notarized.

To make sure the voters are not confused, Senators decided to add Republican Terry Roland's name to the letter in addition to Ophelia Ford's.

Senators admitted receiving a letter like this could be intimidating for the voters.

"It is an intimidating thing," said Sen. Jim Kyle, (D)Memphis. "It is to let them know we need their help."

Senator Ophelia Ford said she thinks the committee did the best they can, but she added there is a reason this is happening. "
God is using me, don't you see it..the writing is on the wall," said Senator Ophelia Ford, (D)Memphis. "He chose little old me to use. I don't know when you all are going to get that it's not about me. I'm just little old me. I've been chosen; I was chosen to get into this election by the Lord that I serve. I didn't want to get into this controversial election but the Lord I serve chose me. Report that then you'll have some people understanding whats going on."

The Senate Ad Hoc Committee will meet again on Monday to fine tune their letter. Then it should go out on Tuesday to those 44 voters whose residency is contested.