Heavy rain submerged apartments in Binghampton

Some of the worst Shelby County flooding submerged a series of apartments in Memphis' Binghamton neighborhood. That's where we found Donna Rogers puddle-jumping to get to her front door.

"Water comes up in the house. This is ridiculous. We have to deal with this," she told us.

The common space at the Tillman Arms Apartments is submerged. The walkways disappear into the depths and the water is pouring onto Tillman Ave.

"We have to swim. Look at what our kids have to go to and then sometimes sewage comes up. What's going on over here? Sometimes the water comes up like this. See how the water builds up? Ooowee. This is what we have to deal with," she said.

Rogers says it's an old problem. It floods here a lot, she says. The people who live here have complained to the city. Public Works Director Jerry Collins tells us it's a drainage problem that re-surfaces every two years.

"It's usually a function of debris being in a ditch close by the apartments." "It got up to the door today. Right up to there today. But it didn't come in to the house or nothing," said another homeowner, Christopher Jones.

In some cases though, it did keep some from leaving the house. Donna Rogers has lived here for three years. She is angry but - she says, half jokingly - that the grief comes with the low rent.

"I can't afford to live no where else. But we got an advantage. We don't have to pay our rent to look out our window and see a lake. We pay a small rent to look out our window and see a lake. Some people pay a lot of rent for it," Rogers explained.

Public works crews will be out there tomorrow to try to figure out what went wrong there and what caused so much flooding.