Storms leave widespread damage in Arkansas

The clean up is underway in Jackson County, Arkansas after straight line winds tore through Thursday morning.

The damage was widespread hitting homes and businesses. Three houses along this county road that belong to one family suffered extensive destruction, everything from windows blown out to roofing blown off.

The hangar at Bell's Flying Services collapsed during the storm causing $2 million in damage to the two crop duster airplanes it sheltered.

"I have a report from the national weather service that what we actually had was straight line wind damage and they estimated the winds at 71 miles per hour," said Jackson County Sheriff David Lucas.

The storm rattled structures and people's nerves.

"We live in a mobile home so we left the mobile home and went to mom and dads brick home and just barely got in the back door, it just took seconds, all the front glasses of the house blew in and it was very devastating," said homeowner Henrietta Combs.

Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee declared Jackson and four other Arkansas counties disaster areas, meaning they will be eligible for state financial assistance.