Kentucky Ends Rebels Season/Rod Barnes Final Game

Over at the S.E.C. Tournament in Nashville, the Ole Miss Rebels try to win one for the Barnser..

Head Coach Rod Barnes to be dismissed after the season..his Rebels have the unenviable task of trying not to get dismissed by the Kentucky Wildcats..

Barnes crew leaves it all on the floor in this one...

Former SouthWest Tennessee star Londrick Nolen with an exclamation point on a 10 point Rebel Lead...

But the Wildcats aren't in a charitable mood...

Randolph Morris with 17-points as Kentucky ends Ole Miss Season, and Rod Barnes coaching career for now..

71-57 the final.

Other SEC games:

Arkansas 64

Georgia 50

Vanderbilt 76

Auburn 71

South Carolina 59

Miss. State 44

The Gamecocks face Tennessee Friday at Noon.