Joe Birch's exclusive interview with the Senate Majority Leader

Forty percent of the 2,000 GOP faithful attending the Southern Republican Leadership Conference come from Tennessee. They'll hold a straw poll tomorrow night to gauge which presidential hopefuls are strongest right now.

With all those Tennesseans here, Joe Birch asked U.S. Senator Bill Frist if he stacked the poll in his favor.

Frist told Birch, in an Action News 5 exclusive interview, that he has yet to make up his mind to run for President with nine months left on his Senate term.

Frist said no one expected him to win the seat he now holds in 1994.

"Put my name out there, everyone said it was impossible, I won," Frist said. "When I became Majority Leader of the United States Senate, three months before that happened, I had no idea I would end up being Majority Leader. So I can't predict in eight or nine months where I am going after that, I'll have to wait and see."