Memphis police investigate series of home invasions

Memphis Police are investigating a series of home invasions that left one woman raped and put a man in the hospital.

The robberies all happened within a matter of hours.  Memphis Police have a special tracking system that caused them to link the three crimes together.

The first happened Thursday at 11:30p.m. on the 1000 block of Garland.  Witnesses told police that two masked men, one with a sawed off shotgun and the other with a handgun, forced their way into a Frayser home.  No one was injured, but they made off with cash.

The second home invasion happened in Hickory Hill at about 2:30a.m. Friday morning on Apple Blossom.  Police say a suspect raped a woman there.  Eric Alegria says a masked man with a sawed off shotgun and another man with a nightstick-type weapon assaulted several people and took their money.  Police say the suspects stole a black Ford F-150 pickup with an extended cab.  The same kind of vehicle used as a getaway truck in the third robbery.

Then, at 4:45a.m., Friday a woman was attacked in her driveway on Lehr.  "They knocked my brother over the head," explained Paul Nguyen.  He says two masked men, one with a rifle-type weapon, assaulted his brother and forced the victim inside their Whitehaven home.  They took cash and a TV.  Police say the crimes were to similar to ignore a link.  "Each are describing 2 to 3 males.  Each are masked and there's a vehicle that links two of them," explained Lieutenant Jeff Polk.  He says getting to know your neighbors is the best defense against home invasion robberies.  "Whether it's through a formal organization like Neighborhood Watch of informally just getting to know your neighbors."

Police say there's a fine line between nosey and neighborly and they would prefer you play it safe.  Meanwhile, they continue to look for the suspects.

They're both believed to be driving a black Ford F-150.

At last check, the victim in that third home invasion was in critical condition.

Police say the suspects are armed and dangerous and that you should call police immediately if you spot them.