Mid-Southerners battered by storm face another round

Mid-Southerners who saw major damage during last week's storms are paying close attention to tonight's weather.

Woodruff County, Ark., was one-of the hardest hit and one of the counties where people are working as fast as they can to clean up before another storm hits.

Three days after tornados swept through Morton Arkansas, the people are doing what good neighbors do. They're helping each other rebuild..

As they brace for more bad weather, business owners are losing money by the minute.

The foundation is all that's left of one machine and welding shop. A cotton module brought in for repairs just a few days before the storm went airborne.

When the shopowner saw his building begin to cave in, he grabbed his 5-month-old son and ran inside this storm shelter.

Insurance will help him rebuild. That's not the case for struggling farmer Cleo Cain.

"I was broke and I didn't have enough money to pay the premium and I thought I'd catch it up when I get my loan but the storm come before I did," said Cain.

Now, Cain races against time to get grain out of storm damaged silos and on to market before what's left is ruined by more rain. 

"I guess we'll just keep working till it gets here," he said.

Beyond that, Cain isn't sure what will become of the farm that's been in his family for more than 75 years.

Despite, everything, Cain considers himself lucky because no one in his family was hurt.