A Mid-South girl is back at home after being burned

A Mid-South girl is back home after a gasoline-fueled fire burned her hands, chest and face.

The McWeeny Avenue home went up in flames February 20th. Since then, 3-year-old Johnisha Kizzie was treated at a Texas hospital for severe burns. She returned home to Memphis overnight Tuesday.

Johnisha Kizzie's family describes her as having a feisty spirit, but these days she's shy.

"She knows her hair's gone. She looked in the elevator. She noticed her face. When people talk to her she holds her hat down and I don't want her to think that," worried her mother, Robin Kizzie.

Still, Kizzie says her daughter's light is growing stronger by the day.

"She's the type of person who wants to do things herself. You know, she tries to do it by herself."

But Johnisha remembers the fire.

"She remembers grandma getting her out. She said the fire went on her shirt," says her mother.

Now that Johnisha's back home from treatment, her mother says it's like having a newborn all over again. It takes two hours to bathe Johnisha and put dressings on her skin.

Kizzie says she's more sad than angry, "It hurts me every day. I cry at least once now a day."

The family lost everything in the fire. Kizzie says she wants to get into real estate because she now knows the value of having a roof over her head.

"It woke me up. Made me want to do more, put more into myself. Doing something in life," said Kizzie.

Though doctors say Johnisha will have some scars, her mother doesn't see them, "She's always gonna be pretty to me." What her mother does see down the line is a bright future for herself and her little girl.

The Kizzies are staying with a relative until they can find a new home. They say only time can heal their wounds.