City council tries to get information out on 911

Getting the 4-1-1 on 9-1-1.  That was part of the reason for a Memphis City Council committee meeting Tuesday night.  And there was no shortage of concerns.

"I feel like we have some loopholes and holes that we need to plug up because we deserve better service," said Memphian Veronica McKinney.

People spoke of their own encounters.

"It was not good," said Meg Thomas.

We first introduced you to Meg Thomas last month.  She was put on hold by 911 while her grand-daughter suffered a seizure.

"I'm sure it was one to two minutes that I was on hold, but when you're looking at a two year-old that depends on you to take care of her--that's a long time," said Thomas during Tuesday night's meeting.

She believes improvements to the 911 system are a long time coming.

"And not even to speak to a live body when you dial 911--it's wrong," said Thomas.

Concerns don't appear to be lost on council members.

"I hate to get a hold for ordering a pizza--I can't imagine a hold for an emergency," said councilwoman Tajuan Stout Mitchell.

Other concerns include the volume of hang-up calls that come into 911 and the high volume of frivolous calls.

Council members plan to get some answers over the next few months.

Meantime, 911 officials tell Action News 5 they realize inefficiencies exist and constantly work to improve the system.