Families grieve for the dead one day after apartment fire

One day after a fire killed three people at the Oakview Apartments, residents and the victims' families grieve for those who died.

Tekita Herron says her brother died a hero.

"He loved those children as his own. He really died trying to save them. He didn't want to leave them," said Herron.

Paul Reynolds and two of his girlfriend's children died when their Oakview apartment building burned early Tuesday Morning. His girlfriend and another child managed to jump to safety.

The fire damaged nine apartments in all.

Today, as neighbors sifted through the ashes, their thoughts were with Tekita and the other families who lost so much more. "I'm sad, I can't, shoot I wish there was some way but I mean, my prayers are with the family and everything,"said Zedric Polk, one of the victims's neighbors.

Tekita Herron says her family is overcome with grief. Her brother's burned apartment serves as a constant reminder of all that was lost. "Every time I walk out my door I think about it. I stay over here also. I stay right across the street And I have to walk out my door and look at this every day," said Herron.

The apartments are just another reminder of how three young lives were cut way too short.