Traffic stop leads to large drug bust

Four people were behind bars Wednesday, after a traffic stop led to a multi-million dollar drug bust.

Memphis has always touted itself as the distribution center. Unfortunately the city's central location has made it a great place for drug distribution, and recent multi-million drug bust illustrates that all to well.

Earlier this week officers with the West Tennessee Crime and Drug Task force stopped a car on Interstate 40 near Airline Road for speeding. The officers became suspicious and asked the driver, Kevin Glenn from Indiana, if they could search.

When officers searched the car, they found cocaine inside. The trail led them to a house in Hickory Hill. A search of the house landed them a bust of heroin, and three men who were arrested and charged: Fransesco Abernathy of Memphis, Curtiss Dodson of Olive Branch, and Lucio Sandoval from California.

"We now have become a distribution city," Dave McGriff of the Drug Task Force said at a Wednesday press conference. "Drugs like this are being stockpiled in houses around the country."

Investigators said since the September 11th attacks, drugs are not moved by air anymore, because tougher security has made it more difficult.

"I think that 9/11 has contributed, because of transportation,"

"We don't see the drugs on aircraft going from Los Angeles to New York," said Memphis Police Department Director Larry Godwin. "They are creating staging points across the country."

Those staging points are now along interstates.

Meanwhile, investigators seized several weapons from the Hickory Hill house. Investigators are still looking for the owner of the house.