Drug task force officials make huge bust

It's the wall of fame in a world where drug busts are the object of the game.

Officers with the West Tennessee Violent Crime and Drug Task Force standing proudly in front of stacks of illegal drugs.

In some cases they share the glory with their canine partners. Its a group of officers specially trained to spot drug smugglers on the interstate.

"We do criminal interdiction work but it all starts with a legal traffic stop and a reason to stop a car." said David McGriff, Director of the task force.

That's what led officers to a half a million dollars worth of heroin and cocaine this week.

A single bust so large that it suggests that Memphis has become a major player in a nationwide network of drug distribution.

"That's 8 pounds of heroin there that was in a house in Shelby County and that is absolutely significant," said McGriff.

McGriff told a group of news reporters during a news conference downtown Wednesday.

In 2005 the task force seized over 2000 pounds of marijuana, more than 346 pounds of cocaine, over 6 pounds of heroin, thousands of prescription drug tablets, 50 vehicles and a number of weapons. It was the work of 10 officers.

It's the kind of success that can be interpreted in more than one way. Record drug busts can also be an indicator of a drug problem of epic proportions. But crime fighters say their work sends a clear message.

"This is not a place that they want to deal and set their bases up we'll continue to do what we do and get the drugs off the streets." said Memphis Police Director Larry Godwin.