Two of Hank Williams Jr.'s daughters recovering from wreck

The two daughters of Hank Williams Jr., both musicians in their own right, are both in critical condition, the result of a car crash in Mississippi Wednesday night.

Hilary Williams, the younger of the two and the driver of the vehicle, spent eight hours in surgery and is likely to spend much of Friday in treatment, as well.

"There was some injury to her colon and because she's a diabetic, they were very cautious with her internal organs to make sure that everything was functioning properly and so there was a lot more thought gone into that procedure than norm," said spokesman Kirt Webster.  He says Hilary Williams is using a breathing apparatus.

The other sister, Holly Williams has a broken wrist, a shattered hip and shin bones and abrasions throughout her body.

"It's somber, you know.  Hank Williams, Junior and his ex-wife Becky - who have a very close relationship - they've got two daughters, in intensive care, both in critical condition.  It's not the best situation as a mother and father with your two daughters in intensive care with tubes and all kinds of machines hooked up to them." Webster says the support from friends in the music community and beyond has been overwhelming.