School leaders consider new rules for private clubs

Shelby County Superintendent of Schools Dr. Bobby Webb wants to make it clear that booster clubs and PTA organizations don't fall under his control.

"We cannot require state audits of private funds," he said.

In the last two weeks money has been stolen from private accounts at two Shelby County Schools. The PTA treasurer at Dexter Middle School is accused of stealing upwards of $5,000. Now Regina Thomas is charged with taking more than seven thousand dollars from Bartlett High's Wrestling Team while she was treasurer.

School board member Wyatt Bunker has heard about both cases.

"Not everybody's going to do what they're supposed to do all the time, and so you can expect things like this to happen in your school system," he said.

That is why Bunker wants to see how the district handles these cases. Bunker said he understands why some parents want the district to have direct oversight over clubs and private organizations affiliated with schools but he's cautious.

"Is this going to increase the workload on our staff? Obviously it would. Is it gonna cost us more money? Obviously it would," he said.

Superintendent Webb is considering asking clubs to voluntarily work with the district.

"I think some guidelines would be in order and I think that most of our booster clubs would welcome those guidelines," he said.

Webb is also considering asking the state to let districts have more club and organization oversight. As it stands, Shelby County Schools do require organizations let principals look at their budgets once a year.