"Hacks Cross Creeper" could be blamed for additional crimes

Collierville Police had 37 reports of home invasions during a two-year period, a handful of them - they now say - they believe were committed by one man, the same man already in custody.

Willie Price is already under fire, charged with a series of home invasions in Germantown and already branded the Hacks Cross Creeper.

"She woke up on her couch and he was standing beside the couch," says Collierville Police Captain Tommy McCaskill.

Now, he says, a call from a victim in that town has led to evidence fingering him for four similar home invasions there.  "We got a call from one of the victims who said, I saw this gentleman on tv that was arrested by Germantown and that's the man that was in my house."

Even before Price's October arrest, the Hacks Cross Creeper nickname described a criminal who was breaking into homes through unlocked doors while people were at home, taking cash.

In the few instances when he was confronted, he would just calmly walk away.

In October, Price was picked up, indicted for the Germantown break-ins - one of them, a rape.

McCaskill says the D.A.'s office is reviewing the new evidence and considering further charges.

"I would like to see him stand trial and answer for what he's done in our community, yessir.  I think that our community is pretty much satisfied that that was the person who came into their homes for one simple fact is we've not had any occurences since," says McCaskill

No other occurences matching the M-O of the Hacks Cross Creeper.

The D-A's office won't discuss their strategy.

A spokesperson tells us only that they are reviewing the evidence.