Williams, Jr. says claims made on morning call-in show are not true

The phones at radio station WDIA lit up Friday morning over a controversy swirling around country star Hank Williams Junior.

It all started on Bobby O'Jays morning show on WDIA, when someone called and said they worked for the Med, and had been moved out of the room where they were caring for the daughters of Hank Williams Jr.

"After we aired it, we got several calls from people saying they worked at The Med, and they had been rerouted," O'Jay said.  "Purportedly, Hank had some problems with them working around his daughter."

The caller said Williams didn't want black employees working on his daughters.  Later in the day, Williams refuted the claim.

"I guarantee you my blood pressure went up about 50 points when they told me what this person had done," he said at a Friday afternoon press conference.  Williams spoke publicly for the first time since his daughters came to the Med, after a car wreck, saying the story is absolutely untrue.

"The care they received here has been absolutely excellent," he said.

Officials at The Med did say there was a black nurse on duty when the Williams sisters came, in but she was switched out with another nurse who was white, and they say that was because she had more experience with severe cases."

R.N. Theresa Alexander has worked with Holly and Hilary Williams since they arrived at the MED a few days ago.  She also said the claim was untrue.

"I didn't feel intimidated by any of the family, or the publicist, or their security guard," she said.

Friday, doctors said Holly Williams would soon be released from the hospital. Hilary Williams remained in critical condition.