Turrell, Arkansas faces tax troubles

Trains roll through the center of Turrell, Arkansas every few minutes. The only thing faster may be the pace at which news travels through this tiny town.

"I have never seen nothing like it," says one resident.

The current buzz is about the back taxes reportedly owed to the IRS. They're not owed by an individual or a company, but by the City of Turrell. The amount is more than $160 thousand.

Mayor Franklin Lockhart stayed inside city hall when we came calling Friday. He sent the police chief out to shoo us away. We confronted the mayor when he finally decided to leave.

"You didn't intentionally keep this money from the IRS did you?" we asked.

He only chuckled before slamming his truck door.

"It's kind of bad--it's really bad," says one resident.

By now, most in Turrell have heard about the IRS citing the city for failing to pay taxes for part of 2001 and 2002 and all of '03, '04, and '05. The city apparently withheld federal taxes from its employees but failed to remit the money.

"It's somewhere," says one resident.

The question is where? For now, nobody at city hall is willing to discuss it. The City of Turrell has reportedly made payment arrangements with the IRS in the past, but fell behind on the bills. Right now, there has been no talk of criminal charges.