Police make St. Patrick's Day DUI arrests

St. Patrick's Day draws huge crowds to Beale Street, with numbers second only to New Year's Eve.. Add to that, thousands of celebrating Tigers fans and you've got a lot of people drinking and unfortunately some of them driving.

Even before the sun went down, beale street was buzzing and so were some of its patrons.

"Its party time. We gotta go to silky o sullivans, party with the irish," says Alabama resident Joe McCracken.

By nightfall, the party was in full effect.

"This is a huge night for us," said one bar owner.

Its big business for bar owners and they are not the only ones...

"We're expecting to do real good business...I hate to say it like that but we're going to do real good tonight I'm afraid," says DUI officer Stephen Holley.

Officers plan to make a lot of arrests over the next several hours, not only for public intoxication, but drunk driving... They're watching and they're ready...

"We'll be out here. We'll be out here zero tolerance..." continues Holley.

Revelers we talked to already made other plans to get home without getting behind the wheel.

"We had someone drop us off and we're going to call them to pick us up, we're not driving," says Memphian Gail Childress. "We're walking to the peabody. So no drinking and driving?" continues Childress.

Police hope if you are planning to have a drink or two this weekend, you make plans to get home safely. Also, get a designated driver or take a cab..so you won't go home in a police car.