Elderly couple's bodies found in burned house

The fire at a house on Goodwill Road was well underway at 4:00 AM Sunday when a passerby on a cellphone called for help. The one story house is tucked behind a heavily wooded area on a dead end street.

"It wasn't seen immediately," said Fire Chief Angie Sullivan. "So the first companies arrived and there was a lot of fire at the house. As a matter of fact, it was about 50 percent involved."

And it was too late to save two people who were still inside, an elderly couple that were like family to Albert Banks.

"They're Mom and Dad just like my own mom and dad, its just unbelievable," said Banks as he wiped away tears.

Banks learned of their deaths from the couple's son.

"I woke up and my phone was blinking and Jake had left a message for me and I got right up. I can't believe it."

Firefighters say this makes nine fire deaths already this year. It's a dangerous trend they can't explain.

"Typically we have them in cold weather, I mean, we're approaching spring time. An article in the paper said so far we've had more fires nationwide this year, it's highly unusual." said Chief Sullivan who added that fire fatalities are highly preventable.

"We ask everyone to check your smoke detectors. If you need one let us know; we'd be more than happy to come out and install one for you."

At the house on Goodwill Road, investigators say they were unable to find a working smoke detector.