Police search for driver in hit and run that killed teen

Monica Walker was planning for her daughter LaMetra's graduation. Now, she's planning LaMetra's funeral.

Walker states, "I'm not saying she was the perfect child, please don't get me wrong. But she was my perfect child."

17 year old LaMetra Walker was driving on Highway 51 near Atoka last Friday on her way to visit her grandmother. She never made it. Police say she was forced off the road by two other cars. LaMetra's car went off the road, it rolled, she was thrown out. Police say the other two drivers who were at fault, took off.

Monica Walker is at a loss for words, "I just cannot believe that they left my baby out there and kept going."

Police say video from a business surveillance camera shows LaMetra's car then the cars of the two suspects. One a BMW, driven by an 18 year old who's now in custody. It's the driver of a Blue Chevy Cavalier, that most likely has left front end damage, police are looking for.

Monica Walker says her daughter LaMetra planned to be a Veterinarian, was already a member of the National Guard and was an organ donor.

Monica Walker continues, "We did everything we could to make her a diligent person, a respectful person, a loving person and we were proud of her."

It's that pride LaMetra's parents hold onto and it's that pride that's driving them to find the person driving that Cavalier. If you have information about that car, please call Atoka Police at 901-837-5302.