Commercials inform New Orleans voters

T-V and radio commercials hit the airwaves this week in Tennessee, Arkansas, and Mississippi...informing displaced New Orleans voters how to go about casting ballots in upcoming elections.

More than six months after Hurricane Katrina wreaked havoc along the coast...

Memphian Florence Howard has a job to do.

Howard says, "The NAACP has a commitment to help those affected by the tragedy."

In her small office on Vance in Midtown, Howard serves as NAACP Voter Empowerment coordinator...this time, registering storm survivors in Memphis...for an important vote in New Orleans.

Howard says, "Registered voters who have voted in New Orleans before or voted in Louisiana before can come in and fill out a displaced voter affidavit and an absentee ballot request."

Memphis is one of a handful of cities with Katrina Voter Assistance charged with helping thousands of Big Easy voters prepare for the polls.

"We know the people who come here may not have all the resources," says Howard.

Or time!

Despite objections from black leaders across the country, the Justice Department approved plans for a New Orleans election April 22nd.

Howard now has until Wednesday to get local Katrina survivors registered for a date with democracy.

She states, "We are always active when it comes to helping people not only get their voting rights but also maintain their voting rights and utilize their voting rights."

If you are a Katrina evacuee and want to vote in the April 22nd election in New Orleans...go to the N-A-A-C-P voting assistance center at 588 Vance Avenue.

You can also call 521-1343 for more information.

The deadline to register or file an absentee ballot request is March 22nd.