Teen accused in deadly hit and run was driving without a license

A Mid-South teenager accused in a deadly hit and run crash appeared in court this morning... where Action News Five learned Ricardo Cox was driving without a license when the crash happened!

Authorities say Cox was involved in the crash that killed LaMetra Walker.

Ricardo Cox pleaded guilty to driving without a license March 7,2006. He was given a 30 day suspended sentence. Now investigators say Cox admitted to driving the BMW that was involved in a wreck just 10 days later.

The Judge sentenced Cox to 30 days for violating his probation.

Meanwhile, investigators were out at the accident site on Highway 51 in Atoka. They will recreate the events of March 17th, by studying tire tracks, skid marks and this surveillance video from a car dealership.

Lieutenant T-A Smith with the highway patrol says the video indicates that Lametra was not a fault. "Her vehicle passed through a few seconds before the others did. I think she was totally innocent," said Lt. T.A. Smith, with the Tennessee Highway Patrol.

Smith suspects the BMW and a Blue Chevy Cavalier hit first, then hit Lemetra's car. Investigators are still looking for the driver of the Cavalier. If you have any information on the cavalier call the Atoka Police Department.

Bond for Cox was set at $20,000 for the leaving the scene of an accident with injury charge. If convicted he faces a maximum of 11 months and 29 days. More charges could be filed in the case.