Mother of hit and run victim goes face to face with accused

Police believe LaMetra Walker's car was forced off the road by two "other" vehicles.

18 year old Ricardo Cox, charged in the crash, went before a judge and before Walker's family Tuesday. Turns out he shouldn't have been driving Friday, he didn't even have a license.

That information infuriates Monica Walker, "That told me he just don't care. Maybe he thought he can get away with it like he had been doing or maybe he just didn't realize that he's supposed to be a responsible person and do what he supposed to do."

We found out Cox had been stopped twice before for driving without a license, the most recent stop was just 10 days before the deadly crash. Cox could have been sent to jail for thirty days for driving without a license but that sentence was suspended.

Monica Walker wonders if that would have saved her daughter's life, "Maybe if he hadn't had that suspension and spent those thirty days in jail he might have not done this. He might of but you never can tell, sometimes with punishment you go ahead and do it again."

Outside court Monica Walker briefly spoke with Ricardo Cox's mother, telling her she doesn't hold her responsible.

Walker says, "All she did was raise him and bring him into the world. What he did is what he did and it's his fault not hers."

Ricardo Cox is now serving 30 days for driving without a license. He also faces the charge of leaving the scene of an accident with injuries, a felony that carries a sentence of a year.