Sadowski case takes new twist

It's the kind of story you might be more inclined to find in The National Enquirer. But it's been front page news in the Dyersburg State Gazette. Erika Sadowski is actually Edward Sadowski. She is a he. It's one of the most peculiar cases local police have encountered.

"It's close to the very top," says Dyersburg Police Lt. Steve Isbell.

Sadowski's initial court appearance was Monday. We're told her true gender was revealed shortly after she was taken into custody.

"After she was booked in the county jail, we were notified of the new developments," says Isbell.

Sadowski is charged with kidnapping sisters Meagan Smith and Breanna Garner. She was caught this past weekend after an Amber Alert was issued. Police say the parents where shocked by the alleged crime and news of Sadowski's sex. She had lived with the family for the past five years.

"Regardless of gender, a crime was committed and we feel there is a strong case," says Isbell.

It's a case that will likely have a lot of people talking for a long time to come.

Sadowski is being held in a separate cell inside the Dyer County Jail. She will be back in court on Friday.