Horn Lake Police enter wrong house during raid

A major mistake was made during a drug raid at a Horn Lake home early Wednesday morning, when police raided the wrong house.

Horn Lake Police were attempting to serve a search warrant at a home on Allen Road, where they believed Methamphetamine was being manufactured. What they didn't realize was that there are two homes on the same property, both with the same address.

Police entered the wrong house, surprising Arthur and Lillian Bostick, a couple in their 80s. The Bosticks were injured during the raid, and are now undergoing treatment at Baptist DeSoto Hospital.

Horn Lake police said they did recover some material that was used for making Meth from the home. Chief Darryl Whaley, who visited the Bosticks in the hospital Wednesday morning, called it a difficult situation, and said he is looking into the incident. He stopped short of saying whether any disciplinary action would be taken.

Because the search warrant lists the address for both homes on the property, police officials aren't even sure they technically did anything wrong.

Police have not yet made any arrests, although they say there is a warrant for the Bostick's son.