Officials close down nuisance houses

Memphis police are cracking down on crime by closing down homes seen as public nuisances. Wednesday, officers and the District Attorney's office shut down several homes.

In addition to their guns, members of the organized crime unit came armed with plywood and nails, shutting down parts of this duplex in the 600-block of Franklin that District Attorney Bill Gibbons and Police director Larry Godwin call a nuisance.

"This individual here you could trade anything you had for drugs," Godwin said. "What ever you burglarized or stole out of an automobile he would take in exchange for drugs."

Godwin said the duplex was a typical crack house. But the owner, Clarence Campbell, who lives on the other side of the duplex, said his tenants intimidated him, even refusing to pay him rent.

"They mostly did," Campbell said. "I had to threaten them all the time. That's why I wanted them out. I tried to get them to move, but they wouldn't."

Campbell wasn't sure if his former tenants were dealing drugs, but he said he knew whatever they were doing was wrong. He said he tried to get rid of the tenants for years, so he was glad to see them go.

With a boarded up door, comes a little hope to a Binghampton neighborhood.