Mid South parents look at doing babysitter background checks

Like many toddlers, Chase Willing is the son of two working parents.

Finding him a qualified babysitter was a challenge. "I don't have the time to always do the background checks to find someone that I feel is experienced enough that I can trust," says Olive Branch mom Amy Willing.

That's what Sitter Connect is for. Its a local childcare placement agency founded three years ago by Cereasa Crouch. She was a mother new to Memphis who was looking for someone to care for her twin sons.

"So as I began to look into daycare centers I just really wasn't comfortable." says founder Cereasa Crouch.

Sitter Connect matches families with temporary or long term nannies, and on call babysitters.

"When I'm interviewing people I'm saying is this someone I would trust in my own home with my own children." says Crouch.

But the selection process must go far beyond motherly instinct.

Potential caregivers are subject to FBI background checks including electronic fingerprinting. Crouch says that kind of investigating might have prevented a live-in nanny from deceiving a Dyersburg family by posing as a woman.

"That to me wasn't even a concern, trans gender whatever it wasn't a concern to me it was just the honesty behind it," says Crouch.

Crouch says parents should take every precaution to make sure a person really is who they say they are.