Memphis police seize drugs and guns

Neighbors tell us this street was a sea of black this morning as swat team members raided a Memphis house.

When they came out, they had drugs and they had guns and they left people who live here absolutely stunned that all of this was going on right under their noses.

Germantown resident Joe Hardin tells us his kids were on to the trouble next door long before he was.

"The kids actually noticed that there was a lot of activity down there... My position was, well, doesn't appear to be anything illegal going on and I didn't feel like it was our place to get in their business, but in retrospect, the kids were right," he says.

They were right that something was wrong at this house on Brookside in Germantown. A $200,000 home nestled amid families like the Hardins.

This is where SWAT teams found marijuana, cocaine, packaging materials, guns and an apparent statewide conspiracy to traffic the drugs.

DEA Agents say the same was true at a South Memphis home.

These are just two of the homes raided as a result of an indictment that charges nine Memphis residents with masterminding a sophisticated operation that's slowly being busted up across the state.

"They were often careful in some of their conversations. They were having coded conversations that we were able to determine what they were talking about. They were careful. I think they were pretty surveillance conscience," says DEA Special Agent in Charge Andrew Dimond.

Conscious enough that four of those charged have still not been caught. One of the four, Sergio Ascencio, is considered the local ringleader.

Hardin is glad it's over.

"This is a really good neighborhood and I can't think of a worst place to try and do something like that because Germantown just doesn't put up with that type of activity."

The DEA agent we spoke with told us this house on Brookside was used as a "stash house". The principals in this operation - he says - did not live there.

They just worked there and would come and go. They were not there when the raid happened this morning.